Giuseppe Laera (1992) is an Italian photographer with a strong passion for visual anthropology. 
He graduated in Communication, Languages and Cultures with a research thesis on the power of images and their ability to convey emotions and establish empathy with the audience. After graduation, he decided to delve into photography as a medium for storytelling. 
A particular sensitivity leads him to investigate very current social issues related to integration and gender identity, but he also develops projects related to historical memory especially in the rural sphere, rural and religious life. He currently lives and works in Milan.
L’Espresso magazine
Canon Student Development Programme 2022
Perimetro Photo Scouting 2022 
Vice News
Riaperture Photofestival Ferrara | OFF 2021
Artist residency Irsina | Exhibition at Museo Janora 
Contributor for Inabithed Topography | Viaindustriae 
Futuro Arcaico osservatorio digitale
Ombra Magazine
Travel book "The land of Ravines"
Photolux Travel photography 2019 | Shortlisted