Giuseppe Laera was born in 1992 in Puglia. During his Bachelor's studies in Communication Languages and Cultures at the University of Siena, he showed great interest in Visual Anthropology. He conducted his Major researching on the power of images and their ability to transmit emotions, establishing empathic contacts with their viewers
In 2017 he decided to pursue his passion completing a Master's degree in Photojournalism at ISFCI the Higher Institute of Photography in Rome.
Being strongly passionate about travelling, Giuseppe evolved as a naturalist photographer, predominantely using photographic storytelling to investigate religious faiths, historical memories and present traces of peasant lives but also focusing on contemporary social issues. He currently works as an assistant at IIF the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan.  
Canon Student Development Programme 2022
Perimetro Photo Scouting 2022 
Riaperture Photofestival Ferrara | OFF 2021
Artist residency Irsina | Exhibition at Museo Janora 
Contributor for Inabithed Topography | Viaindustriae 
Futuro Arcaico osservatorio digitale
Ombra Magazine
Travel book "The land of Ravines"
Photolux Travel photography 2019 | Shortlisted