The story begins in August 2020, inspired by old stories from my grandparents’ peasant life and the willing to deepen the food seasonality. Due to the pandemic many people had to face an immediate setback and some had to change their lives in search of an alternative. Campus focuses on farmers working carefully their land, harvesting, and pruning, in connection with the natural agricultural cycle. I have always been influenced by some of my parents’ childhood memories, speaking of self- made, genuine and local food: making winter tomato preserve (also called “salsa” by locals), growing melons, harvesting wine grapes and olives. During winter working becomes more difficult mostly because of the heavy rains flooding the land. The mandarin harvest opens the new year, this period is mainly dedicated to pruning and preparing the soil for new sowings. By the time a new season was about to start, Campus became a place for investigating one’s roots and a way to learn how to grow food for the family.