Colors like flashes in the dark, transformations, lights, and ethereal profiles guide us in a project that dives into the queer world and collects the nuances of the nightlife of Milan’s drag scene.Through the story of “Ink”, the artistic name of Giuseppe Diaferia, the project tells of the interstices of society, where the sensitivities of people and lives often discriminated against and therefore hidden are positioned. The Haus of Kweeng, founded by Nicolas Ferraiuolo known as Kweeng, was born on the stage of Toilet Club to express that personality that for years has identified them in the eyes of people as disturbing elements, strange, different, and often victims of discrimination. Authenticity and the refusal to conform are what unites the members of the Haus, which functions as a family made up of people who choose and support each other. They decide to share the experience of drag art, immersed in an atmosphere of exchange and deep mutual respect.