Orthodox Mass | Mottola 
The cultural heritage of Mottola, a city in Taranto area, includes a series of cave churches known as "Caves of God". Among these, the Church of St. Nicholas welcomes twice a year monks and faithfuls mostly russian, who celebrate the Orthodox Mass.
Holy Virgin of the Star | Palagiano 
The Myth has it that when the survivors of a shipwreck finally found shelter following the stars in the Lama di Lenne (an area in Palagiano), they were fed with “tagghiarin asquant” a pasta cooked in a hot spicy sauce. In present days, during the celebrations in honour of the Holy Virgin of the Star, the legend is revisited through the preparation of the “tagghiarin”, that is eaten by the faithfuls on a prickly pear leave using bamboo forks.
Saint Mary of the Carmel | Mottola 
The Holy Saturday procession starts at sunrise from the Church of Saint Mary of the Carmel in the old town of Mottola. The venerable confraternity counts many believers also known as "Paranze". They walk hooded and barefoot through the city, carrying statues representing scenes from the Passion of Christ.